Tailor-Made, Orderly Spaces

Leading psychologists warn us that there is a link between disorganization and depression. At Olde Towne Shutters & Interiors, LLC, we recognize that there is some truth to their theory when we see the happy looks of our customers after they view one of our custom closet redesigns. Some clients who take advantage of our closet design and installation services include those who have growing families and couples who live in compact spaces.

Organization Consultation

Before we begin the design process, we consult with you about your current and future needs for the closet space. We measure the room and take inventory of your items to make sure that we create the right closet system for your needs. Large and small closet spaces are fitted with specially-made built-ins such as cabinets, drawers, shelves and clothes racks.
Our built-ins come in a variety of colors that can match the rest of the closet space or provide a contrast to it. There are many reasons why people become disorganized, but our custom closet solutions can help.
White Closets - closet organizers in Bolingbroke, GA

Home Organizing

Our expertise in creating space-efficient closets extend to other household rooms that often need a touch of organization. For instance, we design and create laundry rooms that contain built-in cabinetry and shelving to store things like detergents, stain removers and spray starches. Depending on the size of the space, we include places for you to sort, wash, dry, hang, fold and iron your clothing.
We can also create garage storage designs give you space-saving solutions for you and your family's outdoor gear.

Get Started

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