Custom Window Dressings

The number of choices in window coverings can be somewhat overwhelming if you're not a skilled interior designer. Each available style usually comes in a dizzying array of colors, materials and finishes too. At Olde Towne Shutters & Interiors, LLC, we believe that your home's window coverings are extensions of your personal tastes and unique outlook on life. These often-overlooked home accessories can help you to create welcoming living spaces for guests as well as privacy for personal use of rooms. Our experienced interior designers can help you to find just the right window treatments that enhance your home's design and layout as well as your special requirements and preferences. Here are our most popular window dressing products.


Blinds have become a staple window covering in many American homes. However, all blinds are not constructed with the same level of detail and care. At Olde Towne Shutters & Interiors, LLC, we carry high-quality, 2-inch genuine wood and 2-inch faux wood blinds, which when installed professionally, offer versatile functionality and polished sophistication to all types of living spaces.
Wooden Blinds - Window Treatments in Bolingbroke, GA


While new homes are full of modern amenities that we would not want to live without, many of them lack interior design details that make historic homes so sought-after by discerning home buyers. Installing our plantation shutters can add old-world character to updated, traditional and contemporary interiors. Their wide louvers are designed to let a lot of light into rooms while taking full advantage of distinctive outdoor views. Our plantation shutters are designed with custom detailing and finishes and they come in a variety of sizes that include 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and 4.5-inch wide louvers that enhance rooms of varying ceiling heights.
Bedroom Shutter - Window Treatments in Bolingbroke, GA


Shades can be an ideal window dressing for people who prefer the soft look of draperies but without all of the fuss. We carry quality-crafted honeycomb and pleated shades that offer consistent light filtering and above-average energy efficiency for rooms that require a minimalistic, modern look. Our roman shades come in a number of fabric densities that range from sheer and dressy to thick and durable. They are a popular choice for more traditional room designs. We also carry bamboo shades that add unmistakable warmth and texture for a welcoming, casual look.
Living Room Shades - Window Treatments in Bolingbroke, GA

Dress Up Your Home

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