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Mirror Styles that Will Catch Your Eye

Everyone understands the practical aspects of mirrors, and most people won't leave their homes without taking at least a quick glance at themselves in one. However, mirrors are also great interior design elements that can add sophistication as well as the illusion of increased space and lighting.


Reflect Your Style

Custom Designs

Mirror type and placement options present great design opportunities for your next bathroom remodel. For instance, our wood or tile-framed mirrors that sit above double-vanity sinks can add flair to oversized bathrooms. Small bathrooms benefit from our single, large mirrors that do not break up the room's space and that reflect light from fixtures and the sun.

We can custom design mirrors to enhance the rest of your bathroom's furnishings and fixtures and to give you the upgraded look that you desire. Call us today to create a mirror that is unique to you and your home.

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